How to install apache2 on ubuntu 16.10

You can use puty or terminal in ubuntu os to connect to your server – VPS:

  • Command line in terminal: ssh {user}@{ip-vps} -p{port} example: ssh [email protected] -p22
  • Use puty: connect-vps-via-putyconnect-vps-via-puty-1
  • Run command line to update your system:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade


  • Install apache2 from the ubuntu 16.10 repository
sudo apt-get install apache2


Enter “Y” to continue install apache2. When it finish, you can go to the page http://{your-ip} to check it:


Use the command line:

service apache2

You will see all command line for apache2 as start, stop, reload…


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