Magento 2 Extensions

Grid ui component in magento 2

In the file layout app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/view/adminhtml/layout/rewardcredit_earningrules_index.xml, you can call a file ui component instead block [...]

How to creat a grid page in magento 2

Like the magento 1, you need to register a router by creating the file app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/etc/adminhtml/routes.xml <?xml [...]

How to create a Model in magento 2

Maybe you know that it needs to register a model in file config.xml in magento 1. Now, with magento 2, it will be easier more than. We only need to create two [...]

How to create the configuration in magento 2

The configuration app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/etc/adminhtml/system.xml will have content like: <config [...]

How to create the admin menu for extension in magento 2

We will work with admin first. So now we will continue to create the menu for Reward Credit extension in backend. We will need to create the [...]

How to create the table in magento 2

We will continue our project with creating the table for reward credit extension. We will create the file [...]

How to register an extension in magento 2

Nơw, we will try to register an extension in magento 2. We will create some files: The first file is [...]