How to run magento command line without ssh access

If you can upload the file to your server, you can use my php file to run magento command. You can down load file here run magento command line without ssh user Unzip and upload it to your root website on your server via ftp or online management Open brower with url yourdomain/run-ssh.php Now you can run any magento command as you [...]

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How to get content from ui component file in class php

We will create a helper class extends Magento\Framework\View\Layout\Generator\UiComponent in core magento to get html from a uicomponent file: <?php namespace [...]

Grid ui component in magento 2

In the file layout app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/view/adminhtml/layout/rewardcredit_earningrules_index.xml, you can call a file ui component instead block grid like [...]

How to creat a grid page in magento 2

Like the magento 1, you need to register a router by creating the file app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/etc/adminhtml/routes.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config [...]

How to create a Model in magento 2

Maybe you know that it needs to register a model in file config.xml in magento 1. Now, with magento 2, it will be easier more than. We only need to create two [...]

How to create the configuration in magento 2

The configuration app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/etc/adminhtml/system.xml will have content like: <config xmlns:xsi="" [...]

How to create the admin menu for extension in magento 2

We will work with admin first. So now we will continue to create the menu for Reward Credit extension in backend. We will need to create the [...]

How to create the table in magento 2

We will continue our project with creating the table for reward credit extension. We will create the file app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/Setup/InstallSchema.php. This class [...]

How to register an extension in magento 2

Nơw, we will try to register an extension in magento 2. We will create some files: The first file is /app/code/Mageoneplus/Rewardcredit/etc/module.xml. We will create [...]